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:] ثق بالأحلام ، ففيها البوابة الخفية للخلود
I hope I make it.

If I don't - I'm the only one who would be disappointed.
Join me for a live chat where I will do tutorials and show you stuff I've learned so far!
Link is:…
CHeck back around 6 PM eastern time (michigan time)
This is one blog I WANT YOU TO READ.…
i havent made anything in photoshop in little over a month. im kinda scared to try. but here it goes...
i dont wanna be famous
i just wanna do what i do
only better
i loveeeee you guys.
life won't fade away
if you put up a fight to its dissolving
sometimes you need
to hide in the shadows
to see the outsides of life

[ just some things i write - Jess]
So is everyone? :$
Getting most of my work on here. This should be fun!
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Thank you everyone for the great welcome to DA, I didn't expect such a great response!
For now I'm going to try to get all my work up (this should be fun, hahah), but I just though I'd take a time out to thank everyone for all the comments and everything else. I'm still trying to get a hang of DA so gimmie a couple of..years. Hahah jk it shouldn't be TOO hard, right?

- Jess
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